10- and 20-bucks-ing to death (weekly update)

Nickels and dimes are one thing. Actually, I have a whole spare change jar so if unexpected minor expenses were coming out of that I’d be in great shape.

But it seems like inflation’s really taking hold! All those little random expenses just don’t seem to be very little at all, and when I got the email with my weekly update from mint.com I could really see it. Check this out:

$80 for doctor visit co-pays (I did this in April, but just got and paid the bill this week)

$30 for drugstore stuff

$21 for the mechanic to check out a minor thing on my car

$8 for a bus ticket to the airport

$4 for parking

$25 for a checked bag

$16 for food at the airport/on the plane (this, I’m annoyed by, because I should have planned better and bought food the day before to bring with me)

None of that looks that dreadful on its own. But it all adds up to weekly spending of $184, almost none of which is in my “regular” budget categories. (I really need a medical expenses line; I’ll have dental and eye expenses this year for sure, maybe also some other stuff.)

Cat from Budget Blonde calls these “gremlins” and I can see why! Little, or rather not so little, beasties that’ll just eat you up.

6 thoughts on “10- and 20-bucks-ing to death (weekly update)

  1. I think those little expenses are the death of every budget. 🙁 It’s crazy how quickly they add up!

    1. It is! I’m coming to accept that I have to be slightly less aggressive with my savings goals in this coming year. 🙁

  2. Yep, I fear those little expenses too. My fiancé has this thing about “it’s only…” and I always do the quick calculation in my head and say “yep, but over a month it’s $X”. I’m kind of annoying 🙂

    1. Yeah, “it’s only…” gets me *every time*.

  3. We maintain a sinking fund for all medical expenses (eye, dental, doctor) and it seems to help keep them from eating away at out budget unexpectedly.

    As for others, maybe add a miscellaneous category to the budget? Unfortunately, there is no perfect formula to calculating the right amount. 🙁

    1. a sinking fund is a great idea. I’m starting from scratch with a savings plan next month (I’ll be out of student loan debt, but with no short-term savings) and I feel like it’s going to take me a long time to build up a solid fund like this. But it’s a good goal.

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