100% Completely Absolutely Positively No Doubt About It Debt-Free

Y’all, it’s kind of a big day.

First of all, if you’re reading this, you’ll have noticed that I did in fact move over to self-hosted wordpress, since Godaddy was having an awesome sale ($20 for domain and hosting for the first year.) I’m hoping that this will resolve the commenting situation — to everyone whose comments blogger has eaten: I’m sorry! — and maybe along the way I’ll creep a little more into the 21st century. You can also now find me on twitter, by the way. I’ll probably keep messing with the look of the site for a while (I’m not sure I’m happy with this theme, and I really want to figure out how to change the default bright-white background for posts; instructions welcome, since google didn’t help) but anyway, here we go. Special thanks to Alicia for the encouragement, technical support, and as long as we’re at it, general friendship over the last few months.

Second of all:

Please ignore the woeful state of my investment accounts (the ruble picked a bad week to fall off a cliff, from a net worth perspective) and concentrate on items #2 and #3. That would be my credit cards and my student loans…both showing $0.00 owed. YES. For the first time since I turned 18 and signed for my first undergraduate loan, I am completely clear and free. Adding up the student loans and the credit card, that’s a total of $23697 paid off, almost exactly 18 months to the day after I defended my dissertation.

Merry Christmas to me! Thank you to everyone who’s been on this journey with me.

32 thoughts on “100% Completely Absolutely Positively No Doubt About It Debt-Free

  1. C@thesingledollar says:

    I am leaving myself my first comment — just to make sure they’re going through ok. All right, and to pat myself on the back a little too.

  2. James says:

    Oooh shiny! Love it!

    Of course, now I have to take 5 seconds to update my blog roll. Le sigh.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Oh shoot, I should totally have a blogroll! I still need to do some work over here 🙂

  3. Liquid says:

    Wow, Great job! 🙂 That’s a lot of debt paid off in a relatively short period of time. Is your next focus going to be growing your emergency fund? I haven’t started one yet. I still have lots of debt to get rid of first.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you! I had some help from a decent salary and two low COL cities, but I also worked hard at it, so I’m happy and proud of it 🙂 Yes, my next focus is my EF; I recently did start growing it a little bit, but now I want to take it up to $5K. I also am really focused on retirement savings, since I’m already in my mid-30s and don’t have much.

  4. Strandedrocks says:

    Congratulations! Now unto the good stuff, saving and growing your net worth. Yes, your savings isn’t stellar at the moment bu it will be before too long. I do appreciate you moving because blogger wasn’t always the most user friendly but I think the site needs your personal touch, in time I guess, once you figure out how it all works :).

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you! I hope the savings grow fast too 🙂

      I agree, this theme feels a little sterile; I was trying to get close to the look of my old site, which I liked just fine, but I need to do more color/font stuff. Maybe over the holidays I can hunt for a new theme. I just wanted to get moved fast, so I went for it 🙂

      I’m so glad you came along for the ride!

  5. I read this last night but my wordpress app never wants to let me comment on your blog! hopefully the new domain will help!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      There we go! Thanks for coming along for the ride — this seems like it will be easier for everyone 😉

  6. Jason says:

    Congratulations!!! I hope to be you someday! YAY!!!! Now back to writing letters of recommendation. It is that time of year!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      LOL, and I hope to be YOU — tenured professor. Maybe one day we will both have tenure and no debt! Good luck to us both 🙂

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you! And thanks for coming over to the new site!

  7. Cindy says:

    I’m super excited for you! Wow, two big things in one post!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I know, it was a crazy coincidence that both things happened at once. I’ve technically been “out of debt” for about ten days, but I was waiting for my reimbursement for a bunch of work expenses to go through so I could pay off that card and show a “0,” and that just happened to be yesterday 🙂

      Thanks for coming over! It’s been so nice getting to know you a little this year.

  8. Wooooooooooooooooooo! That’s fantastic!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you! I am super excited and hope to maintain momentum going forward. 🙂

  9. Alicia says:

    Woo I can comment without going through a rig-a-ma-role so my comment doesn’t get eaten 😛

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, and hopefully I can answer. Also, thanks for the very kind shout out 🙂 Yay for friendships found through similar interests.

    I think a redirection is in order for your old domain to this one (as I mentioned in a tweet). That way if someone types “thesingledollar.blogspot.com” they automatically end up on “thesingledollar.com”. Pretty simple to do. As James said, time to update my blog roll.

    Also, I got so side-tracked from site stuff, I almost forgot to mention how awesome it is that you’re debt-free. Awesome!!! Must feel great 🙂

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I do need to figure out how to do a redirection — that’s tonight’s task, I guess 🙂 Also I definitely want to make the site theme less — clinical, or something — but that’s probably a bigger thing to get done over the holidays.

      And on the debt-free thing, hee, I felt like I was seriously burying the lede! I’m obviously pretty psyched — technically I paid off the “debt” about ten days ago, but I was waiting until some work reimbursements went through so I could get the cards to actually show $0.

  10. Congratulations for real on paying off your debt!

    Jealous of your easy commenting system. Definitely a draw back to Blogger (who would want to see my blogger home page instead of my actual home page…)

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you for real! 🙂

      I still need to work out the kinks over here, but it’s probably a good thing I made the move overall.

  11. Chonce says:

    Congratulations on paying off all your debt and welcome to WordPress! You definitely gave yourself the absolute best Christmas present, the gift of financial freedom, and I’m hoping to do the same one day.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you! And I hope you do the same as well — it feels pretty good.

  12. That is SUCH a big accomplishment! Congratulations!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you so much! I’m very pleased 🙂 And thanks for coming over to say so!

  13. Chela says:

    Wow! That’s wonderful! Congratulations. It’s totally inspiring to see freedom being achieved.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you! I’m happy about it, and I’m glad I get to be a little inspirational 🙂 Good luck to you too!

  14. The Stoic says:

    Congrats! What an awesome way to end 2014!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thanks! And thanks for stopping by 🙂 Here’s to a good 2015 for us all.

  15. Jenna says:

    Congratulations! Two awesome things in one post. You’re debt free — yay!!!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      thank you 🙂

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