How I Manage My Money Anxiety

How I Manage My Money AnxietyI just spent a large amount of $$ on plane tickets for a trip I’m taking over spring break. I’ve known I was going to make this purchase for a while, and I’ve had the cash in my bank account for about a month, but I’ve been putting off actually buying because every time I thought about it I had a minor freakout. So much money. What about my net worth goals?!

It amazes me over and over again how much my emotions about money impact my mood on a daily basis. If I’ve just gotten paid, I feel flush and ready to meet emergencies and setbacks head-on; if I’m contemplating a big purchase, my emotions get more complex, as I both want the thing (who doesn’t want a spring break trip?) and worry about the lowered levels in my savings accounts. I definitely don’t have the kind of cushion where I can be all “eh, who needed that $700 anyway?” Herewith, my not-guaranteed-foolproof techniques for pulling myself together and acting like a grownup! Continue reading “How I Manage My Money Anxiety”

Why I Don’t Percentage-Budget

BudgetUpThere seem to be two schools of thought on budgeting. One suggests certain percentages of your monthly net income to allocate to certain categories: no matter how much you make, spend 30% on housing, 30% on life expenses, 10% on saving, etc. So, with a net income of $1000 monthly, you’d look for housing costing $300 and save $100; with a net income of $5000 monthly, you’d look for housing costing $1500 and save $500. Continue reading “Why I Don’t Percentage-Budget”