Zero Food Waste 2015, Week 4: Go Sturdy

zero food waste challenge 2015One month in and still going strong! I have more of a challenge as instead of a weekly shop, I have to make last Saturday’s last through next Tuesday, since I’m leaving for nearly a week then and it’s pointless to shop again this coming weekend for only a couple of days. That means stretching produce out over the course of nine days (Saturday morning through Monday evening.) So this week’s tip is about that, plus my normal grocery list, plus a flexible vegetarian dinner recipe.
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I Get By With a Little Help: Singleness and (Financial) Dependency

A post I loved recently was Stefanie from The Broke and Beautiful Life on why she’s planning her financial life as if she were going to be permanently single — whether that ends up happening or not. Obviously I’m doing the same thing, although my personality and romantic history make me feel more strongly that I’m likely to stay single than she does 🙂

A pretty interesting discussion also developed in the comments. A number of older women cautioned that everyone should plan not to depend on others; Tonya put it really concisely when she said “It’s too easy to become complacent and dependent on someone else,” citing the example of her friends who married in their 20s and then were unexpectedly divorced ten years later.

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