Zero Food Waste 2015, Week 12: Guest Posting (plus tahini-cumin-coriander dressing)

Hi folks!

Zero Food Waste itself is on hiatus this week (although I did not in fact waste any food) due to my guest post at Well Kept Wallet. Please read over there, and thanks to Deacon Hayes and his team there for having me. That said, I did have a recipe written up, so if you’re interested in that, read on! Continue reading “Zero Food Waste 2015, Week 12: Guest Posting (plus tahini-cumin-coriander dressing)”

March 2015 Net Worth Update & Q1 Update

networthupdateMan oh man, March came in like a lamb and roared out like a lion, financially speaking! My February update was, in retrospect, remarkably blasé about my prospects for March — I was confidently predicting I’d shoot past my $20K net worth goal. Uh, not so much.

Regular readers will recall, because, you know, I just talked about it last week, that I had a major setback in March, to the tune of [OH GOD HOW MUCH?!?!] for last-minute plane tickets. This included the original cost of tickets, plus a substantial stupidity tax related to having to make even more last-minute changes when I realized I’d book the wrong date [every time I mention this, a sad accordian goes “womp womp WOMPPPPPP” in my head, like I have a TV music soundtrack to my thought process.]

However, mama said there’d be months like this, and like I said last week, you know, things are actually OK. I kept up my e-fund and retirement contributions, so at least the basics got taken care of, you know? Continue reading “March 2015 Net Worth Update & Q1 Update”

Zero Food Waste 2015, Week 11: Spring Cleaning

zero food waste challenge 2015So, it’s a bummer, but I had some actual wasted food this week: I threw away the heel of a loaf of bread that had been sitting in the fridge too long, some shredded zucchini that had been in the freezer since last summer, and half a lemon that I never got around to juicing. In this week’s post, I explain why taking stock of your food stores seasonally is important, give you this week’s grocery list, and copy a recipe for the Green Soup that’s making me feel like spring.

Continue reading “Zero Food Waste 2015, Week 11: Spring Cleaning”