Life & Job Update

Hello all! Long time no see! Like I mentioned I might in my last post, I’ve been taking some blog downtime this month. I thought it was just because I was tired and overcommitted, which is true, but I got some news today that made me feel a little impelled to write, so now I’m not sure my lack of desire to blog was really about having lots of other things on my plate.

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Net Worth Update: February 2016

Wow, you guys, I totally didn’t intend to just go to total blackout there. I know those of you who follow me on twitter knew that I was really busy (so busy I haven’t actually logged into twitter for a while now) but still, hope nobody was concerned. It’s just been a combination of things: my day job, my two volunteer gigs, and my freelance work are all occupying a lot of attention right now. And I also think that with the combination of stability and uncertainty (financial stability is much greater, but I don’t know if I’m buying a house here or moving for a new job, which makes it so hard to think about the future) my interest in blogging has been lower lately. Not that I plan to give up the blog! But I will probably be much patchier about posting over the next few months, until I have a better idea of where my financial life and the rest of my life is headed. Just a heads up in case one of these two-weeks-with-no-posts things happens again.

In the meantime, I have been keeping up with recording my finances. This month, I had income from several sources again:

$3108 from my day job (net, including retirement contribution, after taxes & insurance)

$25.00 from Swagbucks

$22.44 from Ebates

$95.00 from freelance writing

$10.00 from credit card cashback

Total: $3260

But I also had lots of travel expenses etc. Did I finally crack the mythical $35K barrier I’ve been working on for a while? To the numbers! Continue reading “Net Worth Update: February 2016”