Net Worth Update: June-ish, 2016

networthupdateHello, savers and scholars! I was super busy over the 3-day weekend, hence the lateness of this post — and the numbers are kind of fuzzy, because they’re numbers from July 3, after I’d already made a contribution to my emergency fund and seen my retirement contribution go through. So the monthly gain is a bit high. But it’ll come out in the wash of the next month’s update.

Also, after the post-Brexit chaos it’s good to see an increase at all! The US stock market bounced right back, and in the meantime I took the opportunity of the brief decline to move $3500 into my Roth IRA from the newly designated “life” fund, since I’m no longer frantically saving against an immediate down payment.

The weekend was a lot of fun. I really like the Midwest in the summer; I picked fourteen pounds of sour cherries and four pounds of raspberries on Friday (which I took off from work because I’d worked through the previous weekend) at a u-pick place near here. On Saturday, I headed back to a wild raspberry patch I’d scored from last summer, and grabbed enough to make a small batch of jam. On Sunday, my housemates and I drove up to Traverse City, MI, for their annual Cherry Festival; it was a long drive for a day trip, but we had a good time, ate a lot of cherries and purchased cherry-flavored products, and took in a classic car show, a craft show, and the Blue Angels airshow while we were at it. The weather was gorgeous, too! Then, yesterday, I baked several cherry pies to take to a potluck.

Anyway, what with all that, it just took some time to crunch the numbers, but here they are:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.43.09 PM

This is a little high, but not crazy, especially considering that I was away from home nearly all month and let myself go on spending while I was traveling. I was at a professional development thing, and I ended up eating a lot of lunches and dinners out, as well as doing some grocery shopping, and also bought some souvenirs for various friends. I spread the money around, though; some is under “cash,” some under “slush,” some (mostly book purchases) under “Professional expenses,” and some under “travel.” Plus, of course, the gifts category. On the upside, I didn’t really do any OTHER random spending — no gremlins, car repairs, clothing, or misc shopping — so even though I felt pretty extravagant during these weeks, the damage wasn’t that bad.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.43.21 PM

Like I say, these numbers are a little high — maybe by $400 or so — due to having run them on July 3 instead of at the end of the day June 30, because of when my retirement contribution hits plus the markets having gone up on July 1. My EF also won’t show an increase when I do the July numbers at the end of this month because I’m counting the July contribution here — doesn’t affect the bottom line, just the EF number.

Regardless of fuzziness, I can’t help but be pleased by a substantial increase in a month where I was traveling almost the whole time!