Net Worth Update, December 2016

I didn’t do one of these in November, due to my post-election lack of interest in money, and I just wrote a big spending analysis for the year. So rather than doing my normal monthly spending analysis, I’m just going to put the chart in comparing where I’m at right now (December 24) to where I was on October 31. Continue reading “Net Worth Update, December 2016”

Year-End Spending Roundup, 2016

Wow, hi, anyone still reading. Even by my low posting standards this year, this has been a long stretch. Honestly, after the election I kind of lost most of my interest in where my money was at, and also I’ve been really busy with various organizing and work activities.

But I have a few quiet moments now, and I figured I’d look at where I’d ended up this year. Still a few days to go, but I’ll be out of the country on New Year’s Eve so I’m doing this now!

First of all, yearly spending. Here’s last year’s post for comparison. I’ll drop a cut on this since it’ll get long. First, all the expenses; then, the analysis.

Continue reading “Year-End Spending Roundup, 2016”