A heartening chart

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Another short post because OMG childcare. It was a long weekend, with both my goddaughter’s parents at work most of Saturday and Sunday (they are both in a really busy phase right now, which is why I’m here helping out). She’s really good and patient, on the whole, but I am glad she’s back to preschool today! My brain is exhausted from keeping up with her.

Anyway, I did have a little financial stuff to talk about, I discovered. This is a screencap of my Roth IRA, which has been at Vanguard for 15 months now. It’s actually misleading, because part of the growth up to that peak is my 401(k) contributions — they were at Vanguard until the end of 2015 at which point they were withdrawn and put into a Fidelity account when my whole employer switched providers. So the sharp drop is not a giant market crash either 🙂

The reason I wanted to post it is that the green, which represents the growth of the value of my contributions (in blue) is so much noticeably larger now! In March 2014 it was a barely visible line. But despite a couple of valleys, it’s encouraging to see that green becoming more and more sizeable; I’ve mostly neglected this account lately, except for depositing most of my tax return into it in Feburary, so yay.

28 thoughts on “A heartening chart

  1. Alicia says:

    That is a very nice slice of growth! I wonder if I can do that with my retirement account (not with Vanguard)… Hmm, I’d love to see that.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I can’t get Fidelity to visualize my 403(b) this way, so I dunno if other websites do it. I really like Vanguard’s visualization features.

  2. Great job on growing your retirement account! We use Vanguard for retirement too since we’re self-employed. I couldn’t be happier with it.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I love it. When I leave this job I’ll definitely roll my 401(k) over into a Vanguard account. I mean, Fidelity is fine, I guess, but the fees are slightly higher and I don’t like their website/tools nearly as much.

  3. I love that little green line! Isn’t it fun to see that your money is doing some of the work too?

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I love it too! It is way fun. We’re talking less than $600, but still, the proportion is clearly growing.

  4. Megan says:

    So how did you get that chart? Is it Personal Capital or another program? Not trying to shill for one or another product, just curious.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      It’s from Vanguard — that’s who has my Roth IRA, which is what the chart is of. It’s just one of the ways they have of visualizing — I really like their site.

  5. Wohoo! Isn’t it nice when principles the experts espouse actually play out in real life? 😉 We’ve been saving eagerly for several years now, but still get all giddy when we see that numbers have grown by more than just what we put in.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      It’s only like $550 or so, but still! That’s $550 I wouldn’t have had in a savings account 🙂

  6. Kirsten says:

    Oh Wow! That is OUTSTANDING!!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Isn’t it cool? I really enjoy looking at it!

  7. Hurray for growth. Hang in there with the kid! I’m hosting this 26-year-old for a month and THAT alone is driving me crazy! 🙂

    1. thesingledollar says:

      LOL. The 4-year-old is probably more prone to semi-accidentally spilling her raspberry lemonade all over the carpet, but I can see how a mid-20s dude would come with…other problems.

  8. That WAS a heartening chat!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Right? It’s making me feel pretty decent about how things are going!

  9. Fantastic!!

    I’ve hard wonderful things about Vanguard. Are you pleased with them? I’m seriously considering rolling old 403b accounts over there.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I really like them! Everything is extremely simple, their website is great, and although I haven’t used their phone customer service much, the one time I did have to call they were really good. I’d say go for it.

  10. ARBM says:

    I don’t have a fun chart like this to see my retirement fund growth… boo…
    That’s fun to see things grow, eh?

    1. thesingledollar says:

      So fun! Although all these accounts have been doing this month is losing money, so….

  11. Chonce says:

    It has to feel great to see your investments growing! I don’t use Vanguard at the moment, but I’ve heard so many good things about it. Keep up the good work and let time run it’s course.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I’m all about the patient waiting with this one — I’m bad at it in a lot of parts of my life so I’m trying to use it as a growth experience in more ways than one 🙂

  12. We are just about to launch into some serious savings, so I find that where I used to blank out on any posts about savings and investments (because my focus was on debt repayment exclusively), I’m tuning in now. Here’s to an increasing abundance of green!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I am so excited for you to move on to savings! I’m looking forward to watching the green rise 🙂

  13. Debt Hater says:

    Cool to see that your money is earning money now 🙂 Feels good when it’s not just your contributions moving the net worth up. The green has moved from a tiny sliver to a visible chunk now. Here’s to having continued growth there!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you! Sorry this comment reply was delayed; I had, uh, issues with my computer 😉

  14. Kalie says:

    Great work! Charts are great for this representing financial progress because having money sucked right out of your paycheck and plopped into an investment account feels kind of mythical. At least it does to me!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I know, when I never see the money it does feel a bit magical!

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