I’m at six months today!

Here is my first post, and here is my second, which I’m still pretty pleased with. The metaphor seems apt.

A couple of weeks after I started, I made a guest post on Girl Meets Debt, one of the first PF blogs I found. That was when the first people who weren’t me read the blog 🙂 Maybe I’ll celebrate six months by finally getting a twitter account and trying to raise my profile slightly? But I really am grateful for everyone who has been reading and keeping me on track. It is way more fun to think about this out loud with an audience!

I’ve made a lot of financial progress since I started the blog. My retirement account has grown and my debt has dropped. I’ve gone from negative net worth to a number that is steadily climbing towards 5 digits, even with my various small missteps (still too many coffee purchases) and murphy-ish events (I need a new car battery.) But more than just the progress by the numbers, I feel like I’ve gotten a much greater sense of control and planning out of this, and that’s been really important to me.

So, thanks again, everyone who is reading this, and also thanks to everyone who blogs themselves — you all make me feel like I’ve got companions on the journey.

9 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. Congrats on the blogiversary and an even bigger congrats on all the progress! Our blogiversaries are almost exactly the same – my first post was March 29th. Time flies and all that.

    1. Congratulations to you too! It does move quickly, doesn’t it? 🙂

  2. Woohoo, Happy Anniversary 🙂 I’m going to speak for GMD and say “get twitter”. Wendy was the one who pushed me to get a bit more social. It’s all well and good to comment on other sites, but sometimes it is nice to interact with people in a “non-blog commenting” capacity. Twitter allows that. 🙂

    You’ve done an amazing job in the time I’ve “known” you. Keep up the great work, C!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I should probably go ahead and take the twitter plunge. At this point it’s mostly just laziness — I have like four twitter accounts (three for work, one personal) and I’m constantly logging in and out to check them as it is.

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary and your progress! Negative to positive has to be a great feeling!

    Kind of crazy that I am almost to 3 months, July 9th is my first official post. If you are looking for an improvement I would say allow another way for commenting… If I am reading during my lunch at work I don’t want to comment using my work e-mail.

    1. Thanks! And it is a great feeling 🙂

      I will definitely look into the possibility of another commenting system. I don’t know how much blogspot lets you do, and I can’t move to self-hosting — I just don’t want to spend the $$ on it. But I’ll see what the possibilities might be here. Maybe I could do anonymous commenting at least? Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. DebtFreeJD says:

    Big congrats! Here’s to the next six months!

    1. Thanks! And thanks for reading 🙂

  5. debt debs says:

    Oh I missed this! Happy Belated Anniversary!

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