How I’m Filing My Taxes This Year

1040taxactThis is a sponsored post in partnership with TaxAct, and is provided for a general audience. It is not intended to act as professional financial advice. All views expressed are solely my own and based on my own experience.

Financial True Confession Time! Those are always fun. Y’all know how I did my taxes up until two years ago, the year of our lord 2015? By hand. That’s right.

There was one year when I paid an accountant, but every other year of my adult life I did what my dad’s always done: got the forms — which, kids, used to involve going to a public library or post office to collect them, then sometimes going back when you forgot to get everything you needed, back before you could print them off the internet — then sat down with a pen and filled them out. Continue reading “How I’m Filing My Taxes This Year”