Zero Food Waste 2015, Week 7: Ham-and-egg it (plus bread recipe)

zero food waste challenge 2015 I wasted my first big piece of food! I had to throw away a couple of onions from a 3-lb bag I bought the week before I began this challenge. They’d sprouted so much that they were unsalvageable (actually pretty funny-looking.) 🙁 Well, onward. This week’s tip: ham-and-egging it; the usual grocery list; and a recipe for the bread I bake for myself.
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Zero Food Waste 2015, Week 5: Ordering Less

zero food waste challenge 2015I’m pre-writing this post because I’ll be traveling on Wednesday. Actually, I’ll be traveling most of the week! As a result, I wrote last week about stretching out my normal weekly shopping trip to cover nine days instead of seven. That went quite well, although I had a few dicey moments; I barely managed to get through the last of the kale and avocados before they went bad, but I did it (only tossed a few slimy kale leaves) and I also used up all of the pearl barley I’d had in my pantry for a year or so, per Alicia’s clean-out-the-pantry project. Having moved this barley twice I thought it was really time to eat it before I potentially might have to move it again this summer! Continue reading “Zero Food Waste 2015, Week 5: Ordering Less”

How To Save Money on Drycleaning with Washable Dress Shields

[Previously, in “how to avoid paying professionals for routine wardrobe care”: I repaired my own boots with a leather needle and some waxed thread.]

Recently, I started back to a part of my job that has me wearing my four suit jackets more frequently (I’d been wearing nice sweaters, which are washable as long as you don’t put them through the dryer, all through the fall, but I need to be a little more formal on a semi-regular basis now.) This sent me back to a project I’d picked up the supplies for in the fall, but hadn’t implemented yet, because admittedly it’s a pain: it requires the aforementioned upfront investment in materials, and the job itself is boring and a little finicky at the same time (only when you’re putting things together initially; after that maintenance is trivial.) [Note for the completely sewing-challenged: you could also probably pay someone to do this for you pretty cheaply.] However, it’s going to save me a ton of money since I now won’t have to dry-clean the jacket every time I wear it — possibly no more than once a year. Continue reading “How To Save Money on Drycleaning with Washable Dress Shields”

How I Manage My Money Anxiety

How I Manage My Money AnxietyI just spent a large amount of $$ on plane tickets for a trip I’m taking over spring break. I’ve known I was going to make this purchase for a while, and I’ve had the cash in my bank account for about a month, but I’ve been putting off actually buying because every time I thought about it I had a minor freakout. So much money. What about my net worth goals?!

It amazes me over and over again how much my emotions about money impact my mood on a daily basis. If I’ve just gotten paid, I feel flush and ready to meet emergencies and setbacks head-on; if I’m contemplating a big purchase, my emotions get more complex, as I both want the thing (who doesn’t want a spring break trip?) and worry about the lowered levels in my savings accounts. I definitely don’t have the kind of cushion where I can be all “eh, who needed that $700 anyway?” Herewith, my not-guaranteed-foolproof techniques for pulling myself together and acting like a grownup! Continue reading “How I Manage My Money Anxiety”

Why I Don’t Percentage-Budget

BudgetUpThere seem to be two schools of thought on budgeting. One suggests certain percentages of your monthly net income to allocate to certain categories: no matter how much you make, spend 30% on housing, 30% on life expenses, 10% on saving, etc. So, with a net income of $1000 monthly, you’d look for housing costing $300 and save $100; with a net income of $5000 monthly, you’d look for housing costing $1500 and save $500. Continue reading “Why I Don’t Percentage-Budget”