Frugal Fincon Fiesta: Ask Me Anything! + Versatile Blogger Award

…ok, wait a minute, let’s have a little more fun with this…

That’s better 🙂 I am a last-minute participant in Debt Debs’ blog-hop (why last minute? Because I do everything last-minute, including starting to work on financial health. I guess that is one fact about me) for people not going to FinCon.

It sounded like fun! And also a good chance to respond to Alicia’s gracious nomination of me for a Versatile Blogger Award, which requires me to tell y’all 7 totally random things about myself. So let’s celebrate good times, and here we go.

Seven Random Things About Me

1) I was the best double-dutch jumper in my entire preschool, but then we didn’t play in kindergarten or first grade, and by the time girls got back into it in second grade, I’d totally lost the knack. My rhythm is better now than it was when I was a kid and I sometimes wonder if I could do it again now.

2) I took an LSAT practice test my junior year of college for fun, because it was offered free by the school. I got a nearly perfect score, but I wasn’t interested in practicing law then so I didn’t take it seriously. Now, though, if it didn’t mean another 4-year delay on starting a career plus $$ for tuition, I’d probably jump at going to law school, because as a historian I’ve grown fascinated by the impact the legal system has on our everyday lives.

3) I have a younger brother who I adore. We spend a lot of time talking about Marx and racism and also cooking elaborate and delicious meals. At least we used to cook together before we both moved out of NY. He’s the main thing I miss about living there.

4) I have a really clear visual memory of the passbook for my first savings account, which my parents helped me open at the local bank when I was in elementary school. It was super hard to take money out of it because you had to walk to the bank and get a parent’s approval to do anything, so I did build up a little bit there, a few hundred dollars, I guess, over time. At some point in high school I got a checking account with the same bank, though, and that made it much easier to access my money (and spend it alllllllll, which I did.)

5) I can parallel-park a 14-foot truck.

6) I own 5 sizes of tart pans (those flat, fluted pans with the removable bottoms.)

7) I don’t wear makeup. I’ve always thought it made me look really fake — possibly because I’ve never learned how to apply it properly — plus I’d rather spend the money on expensive food, so there’s that 🙂 I used to sometimes wear mascara and eyeliner, but I even quit that by my mid-20s.

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7 thoughts on “Frugal Fincon Fiesta: Ask Me Anything! + Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I know some people with degrees in history, yet they do nothing related to their field of study. Where do you work as a historian?

    Plus, glad to meet you!!!

  2. Hey! First time over at your blogspace! So, what made you want to get a Ph.D? Do you think it was worth it?

  3. hey, i don’t wear makeup either!

    thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    how did it feel to knock out that student loan debt? i can’t wait until we’re done with ours!

  4. debt debs says:

    Hey Cecilia
    LOL the Ford Fiesta! Thanks for doing the Frugal FinCon Fiesta! I was planning to integrate my Versatile Blogger award into my post too but haven’t got to it yet! I’m impressed by your parking prowess!

    Why did you move to the MidWest? What do you like about it there and what do you not like?

  5. I got a kick out of the Ford photo too!

    Anyways, why do you consider yourself permanently single?

  6. Hi Single Dollar! What are your plans for the weekend?

  7. Huy Tran says:

    Hi Cecilia!

    Where/how did you learn how to cook? Are your parents good cooks or was it more of something you learned on your own?

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