How I Just Saved $1000 (also, hi!)

Okayyyyyyyyy. Obviously I’m not really updating anymore — for a combination of reasons. Partly, as my finances stabilized I had less to say about them; partly, I’ve been distracted by politics; and partly, I wasn’t really sure what was going on. For a while I thought I might be volunteering, but then I ended up taking a job after all. My old contract was up on June 30 and my one didn’t start til August 15 — meaning six weeks without my regular income. That hasn’t been a problem, since I had plenty of savings to work with, but I definitely didn’t keep as much of an eye on my spending as I might have over the summer. That was a little intentional, since I wanted to make it a really great summer with friends (I had to move for the new job). But I did also end up spending some money I didn’t need to at all. I don’t even know how much, since among other things I stopped keeping track for a while. I figure I’m going to reset YNAB for September when I get my first paycheck and start over again with the tracking.

Anyway, I just haven’t been that inspired to write, clearly. But today something happened that is relevant to this blog, namely, I pulled a little trick with my new housing situation and saved myself $1000.

First of all, can I say how much I miss my old city/housemates? I loved the people, I loved the house, and it was $400 a month including utilities. Sigh. Where I am now is much more expensive, especially close to where I’m working. That is, the cheaper parts of my new city are also a lonnnnng commute.

I got an offer to housesit pretty close to work for the first two months of being here, which obviously I jumped all over since (a) free! and (b) free! I also thought it would be easier to find a longer-term situation when I actually lived in the new city, vs. just emailing people. I have good friends who live here, too, so I knew that if it took me longer than expected to find a good place, and I needed somewhere to stay post-housesitting, I’d be able to stay with my friends for a while.

And lo and behold, I just found a room to rent in a house within walking distance of work that I can actually afford. It is $1000 a month (utilities and cleaning service included) which is…a lot…but is literally hundreds of dollars a month less than most other ads I was seeing. So that’s good.

But here’s the part where I save $1000. First of all, by deciding to go with this rather than looking further out into the city, I am going to save $500 (divided over the next eight months) by not having to pay for a parking permit at work. I can walk or bike and leave the car at home! And second of all — and believe me, I feel really smart about this — I asked if I could put off moving in for two weeks. They said yes, and voila, that’s half a month’s rent I don’t have to pay, or another $500.

I don’t know if I’ll check back in with an early September net worth update; probably not since I don’t think everything will have stabilized yet. (I won’t know what my new income will be exactly until my second paycheck, mid September, after I have time to set up my retirement contributions and so on, and meanwhile, I’m still in the process of rolling over my old 401(k) and I don’t know when that will show back up in my net worth tracker.) October seems like a good month to pop my head back in and by then things should have settled into a routine again. See you then!

4 thoughts on “How I Just Saved $1000 (also, hi!)

  1. Jason says:

    Good to see you back and congrats on the $1000. Are you still teaching/academia? Good luck on whatever endeavors you have.

  2. Isabella says:

    Good luck in your new job! It looks like you left the Midwest?

  3. giulia says:

    Congrats for your new job and well done for the rest:D

  4. Hey C! It’s good to see that you’re doing well. Congrats on the new job. Do you like the area you’re in now? Do you think you will stay there long term?

    “…within walking distance of work…” Very nice!

    Let us know how you like your new room and living situation.

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