It’s finally fall

The weather hasn’t been great this summer. It’s been more humid than usual, leading to more mosquitoes and more sweaty days when I just wanted to lie around and do nothing, or, alternately, was really cranky, which is even worse than lazy. Also, we had an extended late summer, which has gotten to the point where I was almost tired of fresh tomatoes.

A few days ago, though, the weather finally turned, all at once. It is lovely. It’s raining right now, and I have wool socks on. The last few days have been cool and crisp and I’ve actually enjoyed the cardigan I had on, instead of sweating my way through the class I’m teaching. We pulled the tomato plants out yesterday to prep their bed for winter, and production of green tomato salsa and fermented green tomato pickles is underway. And the evenings are starting to close in, so we’ll have cozy nights. By March, I know, I’ll be wild for long summer evenings and shorts, but right now it’s great to be settling in for winter.

2 thoughts on “It’s finally fall

  1. Amanda says:

    I am so happy it’s cardigan season! I mean, I wear them year round because air conditioning freezes me out, but right now, I don’t have the air or heat on in my house, and I’m wearing a cardigan…and it is perfect.

  2. Amy says:

    Wool socks are so great!! I haven’t put mine on, yet, but I noticed my husband was wearing a pair yesterday. I have such mixed feelings about fall. On the one hand, I absolutely love it, but on the other hand, I dread what follows. For now, I’m happy to be wearing fleece and long-sleeve tees, and enjoying the colors. 🙂

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