Last week’s financials

One thing that’s a little alarming, looking at my spending as closely as I have been lately, is that I spend money pretty much every single day without fail. It was a relatively low-spending week, which I really needed, but still, even if it was as little as $8, something went out the door every day. I know some people use no-spend days, weeks, or even months to try to get a grip on this. I might have to give that a shot soon.

That said, it was a pretty good, low-key week. I got back from my side trip and so I spent much of the week just lying low at my friends’ place. I’ve been babysitting a lot, meaning that my evenings are not filled with going out for expensive dinners, and things have been chill.

Utility bill: $10.61 to close out my electric company account in my now former town.

Food: $87 (more than it should have been; included several expensive coffee/pastry breaks. This is definitely my Achilles heel.)

And…that’s it! (Barring what I spent out of my spending money — dry cleaning, coffee that I bought with cash instead of on my CC.) Grand total of $97.61 for the week. Awesome.

Also, I bought another $250 in Roth shares. I’m now up to $750 bought on the year. Unfortunately, while I had a great couple of weeks with usertesting earlier this month, work seems to have dried up a bit there. I’ve had the computer on all day and only picked up $10 so far. You just have to wait for available work, though, so nothing to do but be patient and hope it’s just a lull.

2 thoughts on “Last week’s financials

  1. Cat says:

    That is a low key week! Keep rocking it out!

    1. cr says:

      Thank you! This is my lowest spending week by FAR since I started tracking things back in April. I needed it!

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