Net Worth: End of June Update

So I had been super excited to take a screenshot of my net worth graph, and then for boring technical reasons I had to delete and re-enter my main bank account and credit cards, and lost a year’s worth of history! What a bummer. So, I can’t show the slow upward trend from a net worth of -$19119.00, exactly one year ago, to now, but I can at least show what now looks like:

I’m in the green! To the tune of $2398. 🙂

The other good news from the end of this month:

Because I didn’t start that “goal” in mint until I’d already paid down some of the loan, it doesn’t show everything. I started with $18,697 when I graduated last June. I paid off loan #1 at the end of April, and now I can kick loan #2 to the curb:

(Annoyingly, I somehow overpaid by 17 cents. Is it worth it to try to get that back, do you think?)

Here are the gory details on the payments:

I calculate I paid $172.50 in interest on this loan of $8500 by paying it off a year after graduation, as opposed to the $2721.75 I would have paid over 10 years by making the minimum payment.

I typically sum up the month’s spending at this point, but this post is getting long already, so I might do another one about that later this week. Instead I’ll cut right to the chase:


-$1858, a change of +$2810 from the end of May

Net worth:
$2398, a change of +3352 from the end of May

By the way, note that I have nifty new progress bars on the blog — for debt, retirement, and EF goals. And yes, I’m taking everyone’s EF advice to heart, although it’s going to take years at this rate to save up $6000 in that thing. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Net Worth: End of June Update

  1. WOW! Looking at your ‘Net Worth in Real Time’ on the side of the blog you’ve come a really long way in just one year. Congratulations!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s one thing from this year I’m very very pleased with. I wish I could say I’d make this much progress every year, but I’m gonna try to at least make *some*. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! This is HUGE. You’ve earned this and it’s all up and up from here. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I guess I did (literally) earn it 🙂

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