Net Worth: End of May Update

Good morning to the west coast! I’m just back from what should be the most expensive component of my California trip — a few days in San Francisco where I ate out pretty much every meal, went to several events requiring tickets, and did some shopping (little presents for my various hosts, and a hat and tshirt for myself.) All things considered it could’ve been worse than it turned out to be; the eating out was constant, but none of it was in sit-down restaurants — a few dollars for a taco here, $10 for a sandwich there, $3 for coffee here…. It definitely added up, but put together it was still less than two or three sit-down meals.

Next year if I do this again, I will, my hand to God, have it all saved up for in advance!

Anyway, even though we still have a couple of days to go before the end of May, nothing should change between now and Saturday, so I’m going to go ahead and do a net worth update.

I put $2608 towards my remaining student loan in May, leaving it sitting, currently, at $2499.86. (It’ll grow by about $12 over the course of the month.) Woo! I am on track to pay it off with my last big paycheck from my current job, so the end-of-June update ought to be pretty damn exciting.

I also paid $450.00 to my credit card (towards dealing with various moving/travel expenses.)

Now, as to spending….deep breath and in we go:

“Auto and Transport”: $1528. This includes gas, car insurance, public transportation costs in San Francisco…and also the majority of the costs of my move.

“Food and dining”: $402. This isn’t as bad as I expected it to be given how much eating out I’ve done this month. On the other hand I’ve bought zero groceries and also eaten quite a bit at the expense of various parents and friends which is free for me, except the time I spend doing dishes!

Clothing and books: $79.44. A hat, a tshirt, a book. I also bought some e-books but they don’t seem to have been actually charged to my card yet so I guess I’ll count them next month instead.

Tickets: $177.50

Gifts: $34.23

Personal care: $197.05. This includes medical expenses (therapy; eye infection) and pharmacy stuff. And some waxing 🙂

Cash spending: $123 (including an ATM fee at the San Francisco airport, grrrrr)

Misc other: $274.13. Postage, moving supplies, utilities and phone bill (two months’ worth actually because of an odd schedule). Oh, God, and also an embarrassing taxi ride in NY; I didn’t leave myself enough time in the morning to get to the airport by less expensive shuttle bus and ended up having to take a cab. I don’t even want to think about that one.


Money applied to debt: $3058.00
Money spent on everything else: $2815.35

Grand total of spending: $5873.35 — or roughly $800 more than my paycheck+reimbursements. [The move is partially funded by my new employers and I should actually get another $350 from them eventually, which will help a little bit with paying down the credit card.]

 -$4668, a change of +$2166 from the end of April

[Not included in the above, because I’m doing all this off budget, is the side hustling and Roth IRA shares I did this month. But for the record, my May side hustling income comes to $415, and that is partly reflected in the net worth total below, although it’s a little complicated since some of that money has not yet arrived in an account that ‘shows’ on mint.]

Net worth total: 
-$954, a change of +$2389 from the end of April

Positive net worth is so close I can practically taste it! Should happen by the end of June unless something really drastic happens.

2 thoughts on “Net Worth: End of May Update

  1. Oh my gosh, your net worth is soooo close to positive – that’s so awesome! Keep at’er Cecilia 🙂

    1. I know, I am salivating! If I added my car as an asset, I’d be there already. But it’s fifteen years old and not really available for liquidation (which is my definition of a proper asset) so I decided not to count it.

      Hope you had a good month now that your pay issues are straightening themselves out!

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