Net Worth Update: February 2018

It’s a short month — it feels like I just did this! So short that I won’t give much of an intro, but just send us straight to the numbers:

Spending this month was really high, due largely to two major outflows: first, I spent $350 on my mom’s birthday present, and second, I spent about $600 on plane tickets for a trip I’m taking in late March. I can’t remember when, if ever, I’ve spent that much on a single gift! It’s an unusual circumstance; it’s an original painting by a friend of mine. So I looked at it as both a birthday gift for my mom and a way of supporting my friend. The trip is pretty standard issue; it’s to visit other friends, in a not terribly exciting, but somewhat remote, location. It’s a bit expensive, possibly because it’s over Easter week? I also had pretty strict limits on when I could travel; I might have saved $100-200 if I could have been more flexible. Oh well! My travel fund has been filling up for a few months now so it was time to spend it down 🙂

Other than that, things look pretty standard. I got an oil change, saw Black Panther (woo!), bought a couple of books for work, and spent money at my new favorite addiction/cafe.

Because of the two big expenses, my savings rate for 2018 is now 45%, down from 53% in January. I’d like to save 50% this year so hopefully a calm March will get me back up closer to that goal.

Now, net worth growth:

$1300 of net worth growth is substantially lower than I would typically like to see. And compare that to last month when the figure was nearly $4000! However, given that in February we had a market correction, plus I had those two high expenses, it’s also not bad at all.

You can see the market correction in both my current 403(b) (which is only up $778 despite a $921 contribution) and in my rollover IRA, which is still down a few hundred dollars. My Roth actually grew, because a lot of it was still sitting in cash, and I bought during the correction — not quite at its lowest point, but close.

My contribution to my Life Fund was lower than usual, because I didn’t want to cash-flow the painting out of my much-abused sinking funds, and to the EF was higher than usual; I had a small amount of extra income during the month, in the form of an Ebates rebate and my tax refund (grand total of $47 once all was said and done) and routed it into my savings before I could accidentally spend it at this damn coffeeshop.

And that’s the month in money! I’m up to $78360 which means I need to average $2000/month between now and my 40th birthday to get to $100,000. I should start a countdown in the sidebar.

5 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: February 2018

  1. Isabella says:

    Great job! I’m curious about your phone bill. Hubby and I are on Singular Cellular and pay $49/month for both of us. Data is somewhat limited, but we don’t play games or surf on our phones. Voice and messages are basically unlimited. I know other people do even better. I bought my Samsung phone for about $150.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      It sounds like our plans are pretty similar. My friends have a TMobile plan that’s $100/month for four lines, and I have one of those (hence the $25 charge.) Data is semi-unlimited; it’s faster up to some limit I rarely reach, then slows down a lot if you go over that. I use data for driving around and for some very light email/facebook/looking up ingredients in the supermarket web stuff every now and then, so I don’t hit that limit often. My phone, hmm. I think it was in the $150-200 range. I can’t remember. I’ve had this one for about a year and the previous one I had for I think three years; it still worked kind of ok but I needed more storage and it had noticeably slowed down, so I figured it was ok to replace it.

  2. Keep plugging away, you’re doing great! The first $100,000 is absolutely the toughest nut to crack.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! It feels like it’s taking SO LONG but hey, I’m doing better than many out there….

  3. Maria says:

    I think you’re doing great!
    45% is still very impressive, at least to me.

    I’m glad you’re still updating every now and then. 🙂

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