Net worth update: January 2018

It’s that time of the month again, and it’s up up up (mostly). I’ve been frittering away too much money on random things, so I decided I needed to get back to basics on tracking. At the beginning of January I dug out the spreadsheets I’d last used in 2016 and updated them with a budget and the amounts in various accounts, and decided I’d have a go at saving 50% of my income again.

The “budgeted” amount includes sinking funds, some of which are built up a little right now — especially the travel fund, which is at its highest level in a while because most of my fall travel was paid for either by work, or as a Christmas present from my parents. So while it looks amazing to be nearly $900 under budget, it’s not really that good if you take the spare travel cash out 🙂

This is ok, but has some spots that worry me. Well, the rent always worries me. I miss my $400 house-share in Indiana. However, at least it includes utilities and is a short walk from campus…. I used some personal/medical money to buy a used fitbit, and didn’t have to spend on repairs or clothing this month. I did reroute some money from those funds into buying a membership in a professional society, and to cover the overage I had on slush. I can’t seem to keep my slush spending under control this year. It’s never a ton — usually $50-100ish — but it’s constant and it’s annoying. Figuring out what’s going on and how to fix it is a priority for me over the next couple of months; right now I’m mostly in a diagnostic stage.

However, despite that minor niggle the net worth looks terrific:

whew! That is a highly unusual number for me — it’s double what I usually aim for. About $1300 is just market growth in my retirement accounts. I also got a $500 boost in my HSA from my employer’s annual contribution. If I kept going like this all year I’d easily beat my $100K-by-40 goal! (My 39th birthday was a few days ago, so I have almost exactly 12 months to get ‘er done. I guess we’ll see.)

Also of note, I hit three big goals at once: $5000 in my emergency fund (for the third time!), $20,000 in my life fund, and $25,000 in cash savings. So that was fun!

Just in case the image doesn’t show up, I’ll recap the main number here: my net worth grew $3919 and is now at $77066. On to February.

2 thoughts on “Net worth update: January 2018

  1. Mariana says:

    Loved the markets in January. We went up more than we EVER have. Of course probably a bit of a ‘down’ coming up soon, but still. Exciting to see the numbers go up.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself for the ‘slush’ money spending. I mean, one still needs to do some living and spend $$ on herself. It’s good for the mind. You do save 50% of what you make anyway, way to go girl. Xx

  2. Chonce says:

    I think you’ll surpass your goal!! Congrats on such a fantastic month. Will you be celebrating a little?

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