Net Worth Update: June 2018

Well, it’s that time again. I do use my finances to cheer me up, and I need more cheer right now.

My expenses were on the high side this month because of moving, but I also had a good month of freelance income — I took home $750 — and my second and third super big checks from work because of the summer school class I taught on top of my normal salary. So I was able not only to easily pay the moving expenses but also to put quite a bit in savings.

OH YEAH, and I blew out a tire in 110 degree heat while I was moving! Very exciting! Luckily, before it went I knew something was wrong — car started shaking — and I’d slowed down and moved to the right lane. I was also within sight of an exit ramp and not in the middle of nowhere, but in a big suburban town. So I was able to get back on the road with two new tires in under three hours, including a bunch of waiting around (for the tow truck and then at the tire shop.) Why a tow truck, you might ask: well, half my worldly goods were in the trunk on top of the spare tire. If I had absolutely had to, I could probably have shifted most of that, but honestly it was worth the $90 I spent on the tow. Also, I have never changed a tire under live conditions; in theory I know how but… And it was 110 degrees and I wasn’t at my best. So I feel fine about it, especially because I got a good deal on the tires themselves so the total cost was only a bit over $300. No big deal. And I was and am glad to be safe and to have made it across the rest of the country successfully. I’ll shift some $$ from my emergency fund next month to cover the cost.

OK, now that we’re talking about cost: to the numbers!

I had another rent-free month, which was great. I spent what seems like a surprising amount on groceries — $255 — given that I was mostly eating with my friends, but I wasn’t keeping close track; I think a bunch of that is convenience food, like dinner or lunch out while I was working. I stayed under budget, so whatever. Food is one of the things I will start saving a lot of money on now that I’m back in Indiana and will be eating out very little. California was terrible for my food spending.

Travel costs are from a conference I went to at the beginning of the month. I’d paid for a lot of it already so this is food, cabs, an airbnb for one night, and a baseball game. It was a trip connected to my freelance work so I can write a fair amount of it off (not the baseball game, sadly) which is helpful.

Slush: some postage, some food, but mostly this is connected to taking my goddaughter on a fancy outing.

Personal/medical: I bought about two years’ worth of contact lenses. I mostly used my HSA but there’s some overflow here.

Repairs: most of that is the tire situation, see above, but I also got an oil change.

Clothing: bought some leggings and a couple pairs of flipflops, both on sale.

Moving: I used media mail to send a lot of books — I mean a LOT of books, like 20 boxes — and about $450 is from that. The rest is gas, food, and one motel. The other nights on the road I was able to stay with friends, which was nice.

Woo! The stock market went just about nowhere, but I did get some dividends, and thanks to my two extra-big checks there was also a big deposit into my current 403(b), which I’ll need to roll over in a month or so after I get my last paycheck. Meanwhile, I made a huge deposit into my cash savings. I finally closed my “travel fund” account, which had been persistently at about $150 since I churn through my travel funds pretty quickly. It just didn’t seem worth it. So I moved that money to checking and that line will disappear next month.

I used my HSA to pay $700 of the nearly $800 cost of two years of contact lenses, so it dropped dramatically. That’s fine.

My net worth still increased $5420 to a total of $92018. I should have at least one more month of solid increase due to final full-time paychecks before I cast myself entirely on the freelancing winds.

10 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: June 2018

  1. Sorry to hear about the tire situation. Glad you weren’t in the middle of nowhere, especially with that heat. I’m sure you’re going to be saving a ton of money moving from CA to Indiana. Just about anywhere is better! What’s up with the sluggish stock market? 🙁

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Well, stocks do feel very high right now, so it’s probably not surprising they’re stalled. Plus, we’re embarked on a trade war now. GOD. That said, yes, returning to Indiana is helping a lot. I already feel calmer about money. I was making what should be reasonable middle class money — $56K, plus $6000 for summer school — and I only grew my net worth as much as I did because I lucked into several months of free rent and also lived in a pretty terrible shared situation for the rest of the time I was there. It wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle.

  2. Melody says:

    That’s pretty awesome! All things considered, you’re doing great!

    1. thesingledollar says:


  3. Church says:

    I will echo everyone’s comments above and say well done! Keep on cranking that Life Fund!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Thank you! I’m planning to use quite a bit of it in the next couple of years (for its intended purposes) so I want it as big as possible first.

  4. Amanda says:

    I use your net worth updates to cheer myself up, too:)

    Ugh tire issue, but you seem on track for a net worth increase for a while. And a career move like this is so exciting!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I hope it’s exciting! I’m sort of terrified now that I’m actually doing it. I think I need to read more blogs of people who stepped away from full-time for a while to make it seem more normal.

  5. Chonce says:

    I look forward to these every single month! Congrats on such a great month, even with all that’s going on in the stock market AND freelancing. And of course, rent-free is always great lol.

    1. thesingledollar says:

      I love knowing that people enjoy these! 🙂 Also, rent free: the best. Sadly this month I’m back to paying it, though at least it’s not much now 🙂

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