Net Worth Update: May 2018

This is a nice one! I was so excited about an incoming large paycheck that I couldn’t get anything done for the last couple of days 🙂 Let’s get straight to the numbers!

This was a much better spending month — I have traveled for three consecutive weekends, including right now (I’m on a work trip, after two weekend personal trips) but most of that money was spent last month, as I booked tickets and so on. This month’s travel spending is still pretty high, obviously, but it’s probably the last fun travel I’ll do all year. I got free housing in two cities and a set of free plane tickets, so the travel spending is mostly food (including taking my hosts out to a couple of meals each) and some assorted transit (cabs) and museum tickets. Soon I will be settling down to a travel-less life for a while!

Otherwise, hardly anything happened, not surprising since I was on the road so much. The “professional expenses” are 5 years of domain registration and wordpress hosting for my new professional website under my real name, from which I hope to obtain freelance work. It’s so so much cheaper to pay for it up front than to pay for a couple of years and then up the monthly costs; I’m glad I just went ahead and went for it.

Slush and personal/medical are both incredibly boring; some food, my hulu subscription, a drugstore trip, that’s about it.

I guess what’s exciting is what isn’t there — I didn’t pay a dime for housing this month! I’m housesitting in May and June before heading back to the midwest. I’m so happy about it since I was paying a ton of money for housing I hated during most of the school year. I took the $1000 I saved on housing during May and used it to pay for the conference I’m at right now, plus a few other miscellaneous things; the $1000 I’ll save in June should just go into my savings accounts. And speaking of which….

Love it!!!! My net worth almost never moves this much in a single month. It helped that the markets bounced back a bit, but even without that I straight-up added about $4400 myself. I was able to do that because (a) I didn’t have to pay for housing this month and (b) I got paid for the first 1/3 of the summer school class I’m teaching right now, on top of my normal income. I’ll have two extra-big June paychecks for the same reason. And it turned out that I’m also getting an employer retirement income match on that money! I didn’t think I was going to, but when I looked at my account, there it was. So that’s exciting, and June should be really really exciting, what with two giant paychecks instead of one, and no conferences to pay for with the money I’m not using for housing. Granted I will have to pay some moving expenses but I’m hoping to keep that to $500 total.

When I decided not to have a full-time job this fall, I thought I was maybe giving up on my $100K by age 40 goal. But it turns out it might actually be in reach? We’ll see how next month goes. I should definitely be in the $90s unless something goes drastically wrong. The question is how far into the $90s and, of course, how much freelance work can I pick up in the summer and fall…. But it could really be doable. We’ll see, I guess! Anyway, for now I’m at a net worth of $86,597, representing an increase of $5400 in May. I’ve also saved 54% of my income for the year to date. So things are going pretty well, I’d say.


2 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: May 2018

  1. Woot! Someone’s feelin’ like a fat cat!
    Nice, C. Green is a pretty color, isn’t it?
    I hope you reach your goal. Go! Go! Go!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      It could really go either way! We will just see how the volunteering/side hustling life works out!

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