Waiting for Guffman

It’s time for the monthly ritual of sitting around waiting for my paycheck to hit! This time’s a little better because, while I normally get paid on the 25th, the 25th is on the weekend, so payroll goes out on the 23rd. It turns out this means they actually send direct deposits out on the 22nd. I split direct deposit this month, with 1/3 of my money going to one account and 2/3 to another. (Complicated, but it’s because of a rewards thing.) And one account actually got paid already! But the money’s apparently in limbo on its way to the other one.

Sooooo…. I made a student loan payment. $1447! God, that feels good. Only another $3553 to go (plus interest, blah blah.) Too bad the current amount sitting on my credit card is exactly the amount I’m putting towards student loans this month. There’s something poetically hilarious about that.