Weekend Update

I’ve entered the part of the month where I have no money in the checking account because it’s all been routed away. It’s psychologically unsettling to have my balance this low even though I know I’m not in danger of an overdraft. (Also, I’m waiting on a reimbursement check and that will sure help ease the ol’ troubled mind if it shows up on Monday or Tuesday, as I expect it to do.)

Side hustle news: sold a pair of hiking boots on ebay for $20 net; didn’t sell any of my more expensive clothing/shoe items though (they’re relisted.) Did more usertesting.com quick hits.

Saving money and budgeting news: I won a free copy of some fun budgeting software, You Need a Budget! I’m happy to own it; it’s a big step up over the excel spreadsheets I’d been playing around with. If anyone’s interested, you can get $6 off by following my referral link.

And I joined the Modest Money list of top finance blogs. I’m pretty far down the list <g>

ModestMoney.com Top Finance Blogs
I’m really glad I guest-posted last week; it feels much less lonely over here with a few commenters 🙂 It’s good to feel like I have some accountability.

And with that, to the weekly numbers (at least via mint.com; I’m not in a position yet to implement to the penny cash tracking, which I’m going to start once my move is finished.)

Spending, April 27-May 3:

Rent/internet: $765

Car related stuff: $286 — gas and tolls from the conference I was at, pretty much. Also my car insurance payment.

Utilities: $20

“Other”: $168. Combo of groceries, moving supplies, what-not-all.

Total: $1260. Not that bad — counting the rent it’s not a big place….

Oof. I couldn’t sleep much last night, stress about work stuff, and now I literally can’t keep my eyes open. This isn’t the world’s most interesting post but I’m too tired to be clever!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Update

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  2. I hope you were able to sleep better & that your reimbursements get deposited soon! One less thing to worry about, right?

    1. Yeah, having that check show up would really lift a weight off! I can send a bunch of it to the credit card where I’m currently carrying a balance. And I did sleep better — enough that looking at this post is making me laugh. There’s one sentence where I literally have no idea what I intended to say.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Guest posts are awesome for driving some new traffic, and people that seem more likely to comment. It’s a great way to draw new people in.

    That’s pretty awesome about the YNAB – I’ve only ever heard great things about it. You’ll have to do a review or something 🙂

    1. That’s a great idea! I need more ideas for posts that aren’t about my retirement angst 🙂

  4. Love YNAB! It is really the only budgeting software that has made a meaningful difference as far as budgeting. There are a lot of ideas for side hustle on the forums. How great to only have 5K worth of debt left.

    1. Yes, $5K’s not terrible — I’m kicking myself for having it at all when it wasn’t strictly necessary, but at least I’ve been in a position to pay it down quickly.

      And YNAB is super fun. It’s so pretty!

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