Weekend update

Things are liable to stay light around here for a week or two — moving and traveling. But I’ve stopped long enough to look at “the week that was.”

According to mint.com, over the last week I spent:

$103 on utilities (cell phone, electric)

$66 on food (restaurants, groceries)

$60 in medical (woo! This is because my insurance is paying for most of therapy, after all — I was super worried it would be out of pocket, but instead it’s just a co-pay)

$44 on moving supplies (tape, packing paper)

$17 on gas

For a total of $290. This is good — I need some cheap weeks after all the expensive ones recently (and the expensive ones that are coming up as I go on my big west coast swing.)

I also did something exciting: I bought the first $250 of my side-hustling-Roth shares. On top of that, I’m only $20 away from being able to buy the second $250 worth! And I only started on April 22. Most of this has been from usertesting.com — some from amazon and ebay.

6 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. Congrats on the awesome week & the side hustling also. Less then a month and you’ve brought in nearly $500 extra. That’s amazing! 😀

    1. Thank you! I am excited at how quickly the extra is piling up — although it’ll be tight to make my goal of $5500 by the end of the year, since nothing I’m doing on the side is particularly lucrative. But I’m going to try hard!

  2. Keith Park says:

    Thanks for sharing your numbers with us. Keeping track of every expense is something most of us never do but should. I’ts great to see this transparency with your finances. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. I’m enjoying it — I’m not being penny-precise right now for boring complicated reasons, but I plan to start in a couple of months. Thanks for reading!

  3. That’s nice! $500 extra is a great one. Thanks for sharing your expenses. You are doing well with budgeting.

    1. Hah, I wish I were doing a little better! Right now I’m still working my way towards being good, rather than really being good. But I do feel like some progress is being made. Thanks for the comment!

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