Zero Food Waste

zero food waste challenge 2015After years of over-buying (especially produce) and tossing things out before I could cook and/or eat them, I’ve finally had it. In mid-January 2015 I spontaneously vowed to throw out no usable food for the rest of the year. I periodically report on what I’m doing, and share recipes.

Week 1: The Challenge Begins (plus lasagna recipe) — zero food wasted!
Week 2: Laddering (plus coconut-spinach-chickpeas) — zero food wasted!
Week 3: Sharing (plus polenta with vegetables and eggs) — zero food wasted!
Week 4: Substitute Sturdy (plus California Barley Bowl) — zero food wasted!
Week 5: Ordering Less (no recipe because I’m traveling) — zero food wasted!
Week 6: Don’t Be Penny-Wise (plus Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Butternut Squash Stew) — zero food wasted!
Week 7: Ham and Egging It (plus bread recipe) — food wasted: an over-sprouted onion 🙁
–Weeks 8 and 9: posting hiatus, but zero food wasted–
Week 10: Back on Track! — food wasted: none so far….
Week 11: Spring Cleaning (plus Green Soup) — food wasted: a heel of bread, a shredded frozen zucchini, and half a lemon 🙁
Week 12: Guest posting (plus tahini-cumin dressing): zero food wasted!
Week 13: Meal Plan Like a Champion, Part 1 (plus refried bean and kale quesadillas): zero food wasted!
Week 14: Don’t Buy in Bulk, Do Buy Bulk (plus weeknight soba noodles for one): zero food wasted!
Week 15: Clear Perishables Before Traveling (plus brownies): zero food wasted!
Week 16: Don’t Overdo It For Guests (plus frittata recipe): zero food wasted!
Week 17: Dealing with Leftover Salad: zero food wasted!
Week 18: Rebooted Grain Salad: food wasted: moldy cheddar cheese and 3 ancient corn tortillas 🙁
Week 19: Trust Your Instincts, plus steel-cut oats: zero food wasted!
Weeks 22 and 23: Did I Mention Meal Planning?, plus kale, date, and avocado salad: zero food wasted!
Weeks 24 and 25: Fall in Love, plus chickpea wraps: zero food wasted!
Week 29: Buy Seconds, plus fruit crisp: zero food wasted!
Week 30: Sub In What You Like, plus sesame-date yogurt cups: zero food wasted!
Week 40: Back on the posting wagon, plus Black Bean Soup
Week 41: Pack It Out, plus Twice-Baked Miso-Curry Squash


Homemade Apple Butter: The Only Post You Need

Thanksgiving Edition: Turkey Pot Pie)


6 thoughts on “Zero Food Waste

  1. I love this idea! In all honesty I think you can count the gone off food we throw away nowadays on one, maybe two hands every year.
    I absolutely detest food waste!!! Or any waste for that matter, but food is the easiest thing NOT to waste, where as packaging is rather harder to avoid with todays ridiculous wasteful ways!

    Some of your recipes look great, I’ll have a look through for some inspiration. Thanks!

    1. thesingledollar says:

      Hi! Sorry it took me so long to respond — I was traveling. Glad you like the look of the recipes. I make a lot of good food and it’s nice to share 🙂

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